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                HONGLIDA CERAMICS


                宏利達是廣西宏俊陶瓷有限公司旗下品牌,營銷中心位于國內著名的中國建筑陶瓷品牌基地中心——廣東佛山, 本公司擁有經驗豐富的專業研發團隊,并聘請國內外專家擔任技術顧問,專業研發和生產全瓷仿古磚、金屬釉面磚系列產品。年生產規格600*600㎜、800*800㎜產品540萬㎡,是目前國內具規模的陶瓷生產企業?!昂昀_”仿古磚產品,廣泛用于賓館、酒店、商廈、寫字樓、港口、機場、車站、地鐵、家居裝修等。
                Foshan Aiyi Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, Guangdong, the famous brand base center of China building ceramics. The company has experienced professional R & D team, and employs domestic and foreign experts as technical consultants, specializing in R & D and production of all ceramic antique tiles and metal glazed tiles. With an annual production specification of 600 * 600mm and 800 * 800mm, the company has 5.4 million m2 of products. It is a large-scale ceramic manufacturer in China. "Aiyitao" antique brick products are widely used in hotels, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, ports, airports, stations, subways, home furnishings, etc.
                The company's products are strictly managed from R & D, raw material screening, technological process and other processes, and strive for perfection. All performance indicators of the products have been tested and identified by the national authority department, and they are fully in line with the class a standard of radiation health protection of the Ministry of building materials, with unlimited scope of use.

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